Website In Sight

We recognize the irony when we ask our clients to evaluate how they ‘show up’ while using a website that hasn’t fully represented who we are. For the last five years, our website has spoken to our work but did not entirely represent us; it highlighted our capacity but not our evolution.

In the development of our new site, we had to take a hard introspective look. We had to explore our values, identify our areas of focus and finally determine the type of design that would match our current state. This was no easy task; it’s a case of the proverbial cobbler’s children. We focus on this work for our clients but realized how difficult it was when we turned the focus inward. We were highly critical of our own style, trying to find the right balance between the needs of our audience (including you) and our true selves.

Much like public speaking and presenting, you need to find someone that you trust and can give you feedback in a way that you can hear it. We want to thank Uppercut here in Calgary for all their work and for being able to create a site that authentically showcases who we are. We hope you like our site as much as we do.

Better and better.