Our Story

Our mission: Standing Ovations for All.

Our story has been writing itself for years. We all remember the teachers, mentors, trainers and presenters who left an impact on us. In those moments, each of us shifted to a better place.

It feels like we’ve always known we wanted to have a company like this. A company that helps others be the best they can be, while allowing us to do the same. From high finance to the non-profit sector, the golden thread is people and relationships.

We are rooted in our values and care deeply for those we work with, and the work they do. We push the boundaries to ensure all expectations are met. We are constantly writing, rewriting and presenting our own story. We want to help you with yours.

Avnish Mehta


Entrepreneurship and volunteering are in my blood — they were passed down to me from my grandfathers. My varied career reflects that heritage. From day trading currency and commodity in Singapore to developing the Calgary Refugee Health Clinic, my focus has always been moving organizations forward.

My 25+ years of volunteer experience, which currently includes a board position on the Calgary Public Library and Calgary Public Library Foundation, has given me a deep understanding of board governance, strategic planning and leadership.

All these experiences continually shape my own perspective. At Stand and Command, I use that unique perspective to help you be your best. Applying broad-vision thinking and practical tools, I find the best solutions for you and your organization.

I bring a unique perspective that continues to be shaped by my experiences and will bring the best aspects of this perspective to you.

Bijal Dattani


As a former teacher, I’ve always followed a pedagogical philosophy of making education accessible. Understanding learner’s diverse landscapes, as well as their needs, has been the pinnacle of my practice. Challenges and obstacles can be faced and surmounted regardless of the limitations we think exist.

Stand and Command allows me to exercise my lens in the same way. I believe that each individual can tackle whatever perceived fear, challenge or limitation is in play and still maintain their authenticity. Be it presenting, public speaking or training, my goal is to develop the tools that will help ensure your success.