Glossophobe to Glossophile

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking.  We have created an on-the-go training program for everyone called the Glosso-files (get it?!). We wanted to take all the learnings from working with some of the world’s best companies and bring a video series that captured our philosophy and pedagogy. The major lesson from shooting these videos is the amount of pressure that we put on our clients when they are preparing for their presentations. It gave us a better perspective on the intensity of being on camera.

After watching all the videos, there are a few things that we would change, but overall we are very happy with them.  One thing we noticed was the many times Avnish mentioned how important or essential something is. Some would say that it is his filler word but after more analysis, we realized that he is correct! There are a number of important and essential concepts that are being showcased and each one needs to be recognized as such. These videos are packed with tips and tricks, many of them which are the foundations of public speaking and presenting.

Download the video and use them. And then again and again. We structured these videos to be downloaded once and used many times. The more you use them, you more you will also understand what is important and essential!

Better and better.