Silvera For Seniors

What does Silvera do?
Silvera for Seniors provides safe, affordable housing with a continuum of support services to seniors in Calgary. For more than 50 years, we have served, supported, and advocated for those in the “silver era” of their lives – now with 25 communities throughout all four quadrants of the city. Our purpose is to give seniors the respect they deserve and make it a great place to be a senior in Calgary.


Why do you choose to work at Silvera?
I chose to work at Silvera at the time when we were transforming from a housing provider to a service driven organization providing homes. This was a fundamental shift in thinking, planning, delivering and advocating for seniors and their needs. The transformation has been a journey that we continue to walk six years later as we strive to deliver quality living through shared leadership.


What is your role?

I am the Director of Service, responsible for ensuring we deliver on our promise of quality living, well-being and person-centered support for all residents.


What services did Stand and Command provide to you?
Stand and Command came to Silvera in the early stages of our transformative work.  Initially, Stand and Command provided me with individual coaching as I worked toward building a high-performance team within the Service team of 13 managers.  This coaching evolved into the completion the Insights Assessment tool to use collaboratively as we learned to grow and learn together as a team.  The workshop that launched this process for us was the impetus for the change we were looking to make.


Most recently, Stand and Command transitioned the work with the Service team into our newly formed Senior Management and Leadership Teams.  We have chosen a model of shared leadership to continue our journey to high performance.


How would you describe working with Stand and Command?
My experience with Stand and Command has been a relational one; the desire to see me succeed individually as well as organizationally instills confidence that I can achieve my outcome.  They do not promise a quick fix to my concerns but work to ensure I can see all the possible issues that could contribute to my success.  Stand and Command is always eager to support my ideas, work with me to think bigger and more inclusively and ready to challenge my perceptions.  I truly enjoy working with Stand and Command.


How has Stand and Command contributed to making you better and better?
For me there is little to distinguish between my personal self and professional self. This was confirmed in my Insights Profile.  Stand and Command has helped me to see how I can use those strengths to work alongside colleagues in a meaningful way and to challenge myself to see beyond what is in front of me.  It has been a true pleasure engaging with Stand and Command.


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