What does SAIT do?
SAIT is a post-secondary institution focusing on applied education innovation and student success. It is an innovative institution committed to changing the world for the better by producing industry-ready graduates set to excel in their chosen fields.


Why do you choose to work at SAIT?
SAIT believes in focusing on providing our students with the skills, experiences and support they need in order to be industry-ready when they graduate. We are building the next generation of makers, shapers and originals who will help to revolutionize modern industry for the better. It’s a heck of a legacy to be involved in!


What is your role?

I am an Academic Chair in the School of Business. I look after a group of specific programs, the staff that teach in them and the students enrolled in them. In line with the ethos of SAIT, I take my role very seriously in terms of ensuring that our graduates are industry-ready, and I do everything I can to help them take their first steps in their dream careers.


What services did Stand and Command provide to you?
I was provided with extensive management coaching that helped me to determine where my strengths lay, and how they could be used to benefit my organization. 


How would you describe working with Stand and Command?
Life changing! I was very unsure of how I could best contribute to SAIT when I starting working with Avnish, and how to communicate my ideas in an effective manner. Avnish helped me work out where to focus my efforts, where I could add value, and most importantly, how to effectively share that with others.


How has Stand and Command contributed to making you better and better?
Firstly, I am so much more confident in my abilities. Having someone help me articulate what I wanted to achieve and then develop an action plan to implement really helped me to reach my A game. This helped me be a better manager for my staff, a better employee for my manager, and a better support for my students. The result is that I receive emails and messages from graduates telling me how I made a positive impact on their lives – and what could be better than knowing that someone else is achieving their goals because of you?


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