Calgary Sexual Health Centre

What does the Calgary Sexual Health Centre do?
Calgary Sexual Health Centre is a nationally recognized, community-based organization delivering programs and services that address sexual health issues in a comprehensive way. We have been building programs and facilitating curriculum for 45 years that address sexuality, healthy relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, equality and consent. Our programs include sexual health education in schools, client counseling and specialized programming for specific populations (youth, parents, gender and sexual diversity, immigrants, seniors, etc.). Our Training Centre provides educational workshops to professionals from many sectors to better equip them to integrate healthy sexuality policy and practice into their work and workplace culture.  We provide subject matter expertise to all levels of government to help shape healthy, inclusive public policy that is rooted in equality and respect for all individuals.


Why do you choose to work at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre?
I personally choose to work at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre because I believe in the work that we do. I feel honored to be part of an organization that works to create safe spaces for all people to engage in conversations about sexuality so that people are aware of their rights regarding their bodies and can better engage in healthy, fulfilling personal relationships. CSHC truly lives its values and I feel very grateful that those values align with my personal ones. I come to work every day knowing that I am part of something bigger, an organization that is making the difference in the lives of people every day by giving them permission to talk about sexuality, something that is integral to everyone’s well-being.


What is your role?
Director of Programs


What services did Stand and Command provide to you?
We have been working with Stand and Command for over 4 years. They have provided one on one coaching services to some members of our leadership team to build their individual confidence and leadership skills. For the last two years we have had the opportunity to work with Avnish of Stand and Command to build the capacity of our leadership team. We worked with him to develop an annual development plan, identifying the areas of improvement for the team. He has helped us to develop a more cohesive, trusting and effective team. He has provided workshops and tools for us to improve communication, coaching/staff supervision, change management, and leadership capabilities. We have also had Avnish facilitate our annual staff retreats for the last two years.


How would you describe working with Stand and Command?
Stand and Command is a valuable and professional resource in the community. They always have new resources and tools to share. Avnish is a very skilled facilitator who creates safe spaces to work through complex issues. He is also able to adapt a plan when the group he is facilitating with needs to spend more time on one issue than another. He is knowledgeable of the nonprofit sector which allows him to understand the unique challenges that our organization faces.


How has Stand and Command contributed to making you better and better?
Stand and Command has helped us to build a better leadership team. They have given us valuable information, coaching and tools so that we are better able to support our staff.


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