Agents of Change

What does the AOC do?
Agents of Change is a social enterprise. Our mission is to make real estate workprocess by for everyone.  We take the risk out of the real estate agent referral matching our client with a proven agent who knows their market, fits their style, and works hard to get them the best deal. At the end of the deal, our client then directs 50% of our referral fee to their favourite not-for-profit — over $2,000 on average.


Why do you choose to work at AOC?
AoC’s model for shifting meaningful financial support to the not-for-profit sector through everyday real estate market transactions ignited my excitement about developing new revenue streams for the NFP sector. I see the potential of massively impacting the sector’s ability to deliver on their missions just by building new revenue stream to fuel their community work.


What is your role?
I work exclusively with not-for-profit organizations looking to activate the Agents of Change model in their organizations.


What services did Stand and Command provide to you?
I called on Avnish’s skillset and wisdom early in my time with AoC. I was making a move from the NFP sector into a private social enterprise with an entirely new business model. I wanted someone I could trust to share both strategies for engaging the NFP sector while at the same time being able to work through some of the self-made barriers  I was running up against in my own personal development in my new role.


How would you describe working with Stand and Command?
Working with Avnish brought great clarity, focus and insight. Avnish is a strong communicator and really solid business/entrepreneur strategist. He’s a great mix of positive, realistic, push and listen.


How has Stand and Command contributed to making you better and better?
I think through options with greater clarity. I have a broader sense of applicable business strategy outside of the not-for-profit and public sectors. I am more grounded in the belief of my own capabilities and my connection to a broader energy that fuels my ongoing success. Since working with Avnish it’s all just been better and better.


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