Special Training Opportunity

Cross Contextual Leadership Training

Dates: December 10, 11 and 12, 2018
Hours: 21

Day 1:  Communications, Culture & Semiotics

Clear and effective communication is fundamental to being able to share vision, ideas, concepts and positions. We will work with participants to help them understand their communication style and identify the communication style of others. From there, we will develop an effective communication process in order to achieve their desired objective.

Culture is responsible for the way that we interact with information. We will explore the current cultural context and how each participant’s cultural experience shapes their relationship with information. By understanding some of the limitations that culture places on our ability to receive information, we can help participants move forward in removing those barriers.

Day 2:  Diversity is a strategy

Diversity of thought, diversity of cultures, diversity of points of view, diversity of sexual orientation, gender diversity, diversity of age, diversity of race, diversity of language, diversity of experience, economic diversity.

The intention of day two is for each leader to explore and expand their current relationships (physical, emotional, intellectual, and creative) to the concepts above. We believe that if you are not able to receive others (receiving does not mean agreeing), you are immediately limiting your share of the marketplace.

There will be a direct focus on Aboriginal relationships and we will have the chance to participate in the Blanket Exercise; an experience that will fundamentally change your understanding of history and Aboriginal relations.

To close Day two, we will have the chance to hear from and work with four of Canada’s leaders in Diversity and Inclusion.  From a focus on human rights to a bank for people experiencing homelessness, these leaders are here to push everyone’s boundaries and share with us what is possible.

Day 3: People-Centred Leadership & Calgary Case Study

Day three is about bringing the learning together and testing it. The initial part of the day will focus on People Centred Leadership and the development of personal and collective buy-in. This is a powerful leadership style and technique that will help the participants understand how they lead and what is needed to bring others along.

In order to test our learnings, we will use the “Case Study” methodology which will engage all the participants to determine the best outcome for the challenge that we present to them. The challenge itself is a very interesting one and will take full advantage of the physical location where the training is going to take place.


$4500/participant. This includes all material, licensing, workbooks, facilitation and a certificate of completion. All meals and snacks are also included.

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